<VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Tue Nov 16 21:31:50 EST 2010

Yes, agreed, as nearly everyone pointed out !  That's the way I was doing it 
in 'practice' and it was a bear on the bench.

The main point of this whole thread is the custom compression tool that I'm 
going to make as soon as I get an extra barrel to cut in pieces !

Regardless of the way the piston is installed, I was really trying to see if 
this newfangled tool I want to make is of any use :

It seems better that adjustable ring compression tools because it's EXACTLY 
the right size ?
(I edited it  bit so if you already saw it, it may have changed ?)

Thanks for all the insights (it's great learning at the hands of the patient 
folk on VV) !

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I also vote for "C", assemble the piston into the barrel and then the
assembly is installed into the block, just like GM did it with cylinder


Suppose the engine is already assembled and you just take a head off and OH
NO, a cylinder pulled off the piston, or you just want to remove the
cylinder to install Helicoils in pulled studs...

You need to use option "A". Use a "take apart" ring compressor.

I use a Lisle waffle style compressor that comes apart, 21700.


It works either way the piston is going into the barrel.

Your solution may work, except there is a lot of force on those rings you
need to hold in with those two pieces of cast iron. How many hands do you
have? Maybe a hose clamp to help? And, there is the missing metal from the
two saw cuts, may be an issue, maybe not. The VW people have a solid
tapered ring to install pistons into barrels to form the assembly to
install into the engine. It is not a "take apart" style being a solid taper


Anybody use the K-D Tools set that uses locking pliers and bands to
compress rings? It is definately "take apart" style. Looks interesting and


It seems you could mount the cylinder in a vise and use two screwdrivers to
hold the rings in while pressing the piston in, but just try it by
yourself! ggg

I have used gear type hose clamps on small pistons. Just make sure the ring
ends don't line up with non banded areas.

Frank DuVal

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Subject: <VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

I'm practicing using a 'ring compressor' and this thing is NOT easy !!!

First question (Select correct answer) :

A) The piston is installed onto the crank and the cylinder barrel slipped
over it
B) The cylinder barrel is installed into the crankcase and the piston is
slipped into it
C) Either (A) or (B)

The problem with (A) is that the ring compressor may be too long to fit
between the cylinder barrel and the crankcase, to slip the cylinder barrel
over the installed piston, and the ring compressor would need to be
disassembled after the piston is installed.

(B) seems easier because you can see what you're doing better, and the ring
compressor won't need to be disassembled after the piston is installed.

I have a solution that may have been tried already ?

Here's my idea (unless someone thought of this first ?)
Cut about a 2" - 3" band off the 'bottom' of a cylinder barrel and cut that
into 2 semi-circles.

Use that contraption to squeeze the rings as the piston is installed using
either method (A) or (B) above ?


Has anyone already tried this ?


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