<VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 00:24:06 EST 2010

I suppose you guys can make  this interesting stuff to get a job done,
however, I went to Sears and bought a $7.99 ring compressor and will
do it this way.
1. Cut a hole large enough in a piece of plywood for the crank end of
the rod. Secure the plywood piece to a couple sawhorses or a bench so
the opening is -- open.
2. Set the cylinder over the hole, oriented so you know which side is UP.
3. Orient the rings according to the book, or at least oil control up,
and the two comp rings 120 degrees apart from oil control.
4. Oil up everything, and install the ring compressor on the piston.
5. Put piston in the cylinder, orient it so the piston mark is
forward, and tap it into the cylinder with the wood end of a hammer
until the piston is just below the top of the cylinder.
6. Add the base seal and Install the cylinder/piston assy. on  the
engine, rod # up, piston mark forward (towards bell housing) pushing
the piston until the rod bearing contacts the crank (making sure the
rod bolts don't scratch anything.) Add the rod cap and snug nuts.

I've used custom made ones like your idea in aviation, but they need
to be tapered so the rings gradually squeeze down to the size of the
bore and if you are not perfectly square with the base of the cylinder
when the ring gets there, it will pop out and if sidways, could break.

I'll be done before you get your tool made.
Mark Durham

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