<VV> Will my newfangled 'ring compressor' contraption work ?

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Wed Nov 17 00:45:15 EST 2010

Sounds like a great way to do it and I may just use (but I still like 
re-inventing wheels !)
You'll be done sooner than I am, because I do not have the saw to cut 
through cylinder barrels !

What I really like is that I learned :
(A) that there  is a 'front' and a 'back' to the piston (didn't know that)
(B) the the 'piston mark' is not just for decoration (actually I thought it 
was for weight balancing or something)

So, I learned a new, cool way to do it, and some other useful tidbits along 
the way.

Can't wait to see what other answers there to questions I didn't even know 
to ask !!!!

I Love VV !

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>I suppose you guys can make  this interesting stuff to get a job done,
> however, I went to Sears and bought a $7.99 ring compressor and will
> do it this way.
> 1. Cut a hole large enough in a piece of plywood for the crank end of
> the rod. Secure the plywood piece to a couple sawhorses or a bench so
> the opening is -- open.
> 2. Set the cylinder over the hole, oriented so you know which side is UP.
> 3. Orient the rings according to the book, or at least oil control up,
> and the two comp rings 120 degrees apart from oil control.
> 4. Oil up everything, and install the ring compressor on the piston.
> 5. Put piston in the cylinder, orient it so the piston mark is
> forward, and tap it into the cylinder with the wood end of a hammer
> until the piston is just below the top of the cylinder.
> 6. Add the base seal and Install the cylinder/piston assy. on  the
> engine, rod # up, piston mark forward (towards bell housing) pushing
> the piston until the rod bearing contacts the crank (making sure the
> rod bolts don't scratch anything.) Add the rod cap and snug nuts.
> Torque.
> I've used custom made ones like your idea in aviation, but they need
> to be tapered so the rings gradually squeeze down to the size of the
> bore and if you are not perfectly square with the base of the cylinder
> when the ring gets there, it will pop out and if sideways, could break.
> I'll be done before you get your tool made.
> Mark Durham
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