<VV> Will my newfangled ...

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 17 04:03:09 EST 2010

Not for your option A -- you won't be able to get the rigid pieces out 
from under the head studs.

I have and use the KD 850 tool -- similar ones "may" work, but clearance 
of the head studs could be an issue for the piston-to-rod, rod-to-crank, 
cylinder barrel assembly order, which I prefer -- your "A".

I've done it both ways, piston into cylinder on the bench, first ("B"), 
also, but do not prefer it -- I do remember I didn't like it compared to 
cylinder last, but don't remember why.  Maybe 'cause when I was an 
infant mechanic I did a lot of VW re-ring jobs, leaving the crank and 
rods alone.

Since I am not confined to working on one particular size or make of 
engine, I needed a tool that would work with all -- the KD does.  And 
yes, I think I used a regular old smaller size compressor on my first 
Corvair engine, taking the thing all the way apart six times, or was it 
seven -- then I bought the KD unit -- so nice!

"A" certainly works best if you are doing trial assemblies to get or 
test a certain 'deck height' (piston to head clearance) on a modified 
engine by shimming the barrel.

Bill Strickland

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