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i would pull the motor assembly by removing the 2 bolts on that  
crossmember. yes someone welded it up , but if spacers are correct it should be  fine. 
(check by alignment job after you are done with it)
the axles will come out of the backing plates. i would remove the yokes  
(steering wheel puller works good , after removing the bolt and washer in the  
center ) put the bolt back in the end of the axle without the washer then 
use  the puller. might just as well check , rebuild axle bearings while its 
apart  that far , new u joints also. clean it all up good and paint it with 
por 15 or a  good rustoleum clear if you want stock look.
you are running into a few things that are not super correct , but will  
work fine. hardest part is cleaning parts.  a good bench grinder with 2  
different  wire wheels  (fine and coarse ) does most of my work ,  after soaking 
in solvents and drying well. sometimes i resort to sand blasting  metal 
parts , but not often. cheapest way around here if you do not have a  blaster , 
is to check with your local cemetery monument outfit , they usually  have 
good equipment and will work for @$1.00 a minute (worth it , they are fast  
and good at it)
example , 5 very rusty rally wheels cost me $60.00, and came out like  new.
hope this helps.
my project yesterday was to part out a 63 greenbrier...such fun rushing to  
beat weather , on a car trailer in the side yard.
regards, tim colson   pictures soon!

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