<VV> Rube Goldberg would be proud ;>}) !!!!

John O'Shea jco99 at cox.net
Sun Nov 21 19:27:20 EST 2010

You are not going to make Rube Goldberg's adherents happy if you follow Bill 
Strickland's simple advice.  Don't give in too easily.  Zillions of your 
fans here on VV are waiting impatiently for those cylinder bottom grinding 
pictures.  You have your reputation to think of.  :-)

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> Well, I hope I'm not guilty of doing it wrong, but I have always looked or
> alternatives, almost especially when "zillions of people have done it a
> gazillion times" which doesn't always mean it's been done right all those
> times, just no one wanted to zig when everyone has always zagged ;>}) ?
> What I like about brainstorming on VV is that eventually something works 
> its
> way into the thread that I'd never thought of asking.
> Bill Strickland mentioned tapered ring compressors which are new to me, 
> and
> may be a solution ?
> Thanks, Bill ... Let me check that out ...
> Charlie

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