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Tue Nov 23 12:35:35 EST 2010

Harry, is there some interchange among vehicle lines?  Yes.  Are those 
interchanges so direct that you can go to your local auto parts store, 
ask for a widget for a different Chevy, and have it fit your Rampside?  
Not often.  There are typically design and manufacturing tweaks that 
make the part "right" for each application.

One of the best things about Corvairs is that, despite being 
uniquely-engineered rear-engine vehicles, the fundamental systems such 
as ignition and brakes are no different in design or operation than 
other cars.

This makes it easy for us hobbyists to work on our own cars and to find 
local help when we need it.

But do yourself a favor and skip the local auto parts stores for 
anything other than oil and batteries, and order your parts from the 
dedicated Corvair vendors.  The Corvair-specific vendors understand 
distinctions that make the parts not just interchange, but actually work.

Maybe you can't imagine GM making special brake shoes or wheel 
cylinders.. but they did.

--Bob Marlow

On 11/23/2010 11:41 AM, Harry Smith wrote:
> I have been told already that the ignition parts, cap rotor etc are the same
> as any 6 cylinder Chevy from the same period. Is the same true with brakes?
> Brake shoes, wheel cylinders etc. I am guessing things like brake hoses,
> lines and possibly master cylinder would be model specific but I can't
> imagine GM making special brake shoes or wheel cylinders.
> Thanks, Harry Smith
> 1963 Rampside

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