<VV> USAAF in Britain during WW2

David B. Neale david.neale3 at ntlworld.com
Tue Nov 23 11:46:47 EST 2010

There is a museum in Britain in memory of those Americans who died flying from Britain with the USAAF.  The museum, which is superlative, is in Duxford, England.

It commemorates the 30,000 USAAF men who died flying from British fields during WW2.

Inside the museum are fifty-two clear glass plates, bearing images, in 1/240 scale,, of each and every aeroplane that was lost by the USAAF flying from British fields.  There are seven thousand and thirty-one, (7,031), images in total.

We British, who lost a similar number of airmen with the Royal Air Force, have never forgotten just what all of this means ... never forgotten the blood, sweat, tears and sheer terror of those who came over here from the United States and died in a common cause, and those who grieved for them many miles away.

If ever you are in England, a visit would be very worthwhile. A bit of a haul for your Corvairs, perhaps, but ...


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