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The LM  Corvair uses the same brake shoes as the Chevelle (A body) except
swapped  front to back.

A note back to Harry - The wheel cylinders are unique to the Corvair, both  
front and rear, and left and right. The front cylinders are designed to aim 
the  brake hoses in the correct direction around the Corvair spindle (Also 
a unique  part). The rears were designed to feed from the hard line down the 
trailing  arms, also a unique item.The hoses are unique - both fronts are 
the same and  both rears are the same, but not common to other cars. The 
brake shoes are  almost the same as the Chevelle/Camaro. The rear Chevelle shoes 
work fine on the  front of the Corvair. But the Chevelle fronts were not 
intended to function with  a parking brake, and will likely not have all the 
correctly located holes in the  shoe support plate. The Corvair rears are 
"Special" for this reason. Over the  years, of course, rebuilt shoes may have 
been "done" to Corvair rears and they  may have gone back into the parts 
system and identified as Chevelles, so you  might find Chevelle shoes with the 
correct holes. If you get the shoes all  installed and go to hook up the 
parking brake - and not find the appropriate  holes, sorry about that! 
I second the suggestion to support the "Corvair Specific" vendors - because 
 I am one!

Seth Emerson

C's the Day! -  Corvair, Camaro, Corvette
San Jose, CA

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