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Tue Nov 23 21:07:41 EST 2010

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I must  add, after completing my 65th engine (I have a "Corvairs Only" 
shop, thus the  numbers)....that I love the tapered ring compressor sold by 
"Total Seal  Rings"....in fact, I love the Total Seal" ring. This little device 
allows you  to almost push the rings and piston into the barrel with finger 
pressure, and  avoids the chance of ring breakage which presents itself with 
other devices  requiring higher compression of the device
Find your size here: _http://www.totalseal.com/Tools.aspx_ 
Then choose "non adjustable ring compressors" in the drop down. 
Cool!  If you have a "Corvair" Shop, like Mike, you probably need  a few 
sizes. If you only build, say .030 over, looking good!
- Seth Emerson  

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