<VV> Sparks and flashes

David B. Neale david.neale3 at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 24 05:17:22 EST 2010

To each and several,
                                    yesterday I took issue with a post submitted by Guy Brandes.  Whilst sending that post may not have been the very best of decisions, my reaction to it most certainly wasn't.  There is a great wisdom in the old saw regarding counting to ten before making an adverse comment. I am truly sorry for injecting such a sour note.  That it isn't normally my style is no excuse.

I have myself made my apologies off-forum to Guy; my error was the greater sin here; and I would wish to say sorry to other members here, too.  

To atone for my reaction, I will endeavour for the benefit of all VV members to continue the work commenced by Charles in his quest for the perfect piston-ring compressor.  I intend to develop a liquid-nitrogen cooled compressor that will reduce the diameter of  the piston and rings so much that they will simply drop into the bore.

For the record, Lucas electrics weren't the biggest issue in British cars in the '60s and especially the '70s.  Far more important is the fact that the majority of them were just sheer junk, with appalling design and even worse build-quality.  Parts of some cars would simply drop off. There were gems made here, too, but by crikey we produced some rubbish.  I would never defend the indefensible.  

I'm sorry, Guy.

David, England

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