<VV> Corvair in a movie

Mike mainevair at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 29 01:35:51 EST 2010

Just saw a nice late model in the 1994 movie Sleep With Me (available on 
NetFlix).  Opening scene crams the threesome into the front seat of the late 
model.  Very nice wheels on this convertible.  One flub is that when they stop 
for their $10 of gas, it sure appears that the guy has filled the tank on the 
passenger side.

Later in the film, (when the owner's life is more messed up) the car looks a bit 
messed up...  you see it needs a convertible top cover... and for some reason 
there is a tire in the back seat...  the owner even admits, "it needs a new 

Movie is R rated.  Takes quite a stab at marriage, but you'll have to watch the 
movie to see if marriage survives.  For movie fans: Quentin Tarentino has a 
small, silly part in this movie, where he explains Top Gun.


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