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Right on, Chuck!  NECC will be hosting Corvair Olympics II next June in Indianapolis.  We need everyone not just race guys with comp licenses to come out and support us.

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Subject: [fastvair] & PW 7] Corvair Racers Reunion
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   Great ideas, John.  The original Racers' Reunion was set up by Jim Schardt and Warren LeVeque and held at Mid Ohio in '96 where the group was allowed to race with HSR, I believe. When we started the second go around of "Corvair Racers' Reunions" about 4-5 years later, we did have the day before the track day filled with various events. Those were held in conjunction with NECC doing the track events. During those years, several years ago, there were only a couple of us racing; all others were doing either autocross or track events/days where there was no wheel-to-wheel racing. Now we have a core of folks with licenses vintage or SCCA or both, and can get together at a sanctioned event put on by a racing organization.The closest follow-on to a "Racer Reunion" was last year at the HSR event at Road Atlanta, the Mitty.  The greater "we", have an event this coming summer at Indy, where the plan is to hold three days of events, if like a few years ago. NECC arranges the track where we have a track day. The next day we all go to a drag strip and do drag races. The third day is autocross.The Indy Oilympics is hosted by the Indy Corvair Clubs. During the late winter/early Spring, this year, March 18-19? ( Fri - Sat) the Performance Workshops are held, put on by the Performance Corvair Group and hosted by the Indy Corvair clubs. This will be the Seventh Year we have had this event. They began in Dayton OH put together by Gary Funkhouser and Dan Giannotti, primarily. It begins on a Friday and the main program is Saturday, with presentations and vendor displays. Last year we had a dyno available and runs were made by several. Throughout the years of the PW, we have had folks coming from all over the US; by plane, driving thru ice storms to get there, or driving all night. Good ideas, John.
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Chuck: When talking about a Corvair racer reunion, there are all sorts of possiblilties. If you are talking about FASTVAIRs, I hope you will consider all of those in SCCA road racing who either won a division championship or ran at the Runoffs. Those are the guys who dedicated a lot of resources to Corvair racing. Most are 'completely over' Corvairs now. From the West Coast, I can think of 3 who either won the Northern Pacific Division,( Dennis Bowman 1976 NorPac champ), or who went to the runoffs, Eric Meislahn, who went to the Runoffs in 1977 and clocked 140mph plus on the back straight, or or Doug Hargrove who also went to the Runoffs in 1976. And, of course, James J. Reeve, Jr who qualified second at the 1976 Runoffs, .047 sec off the pole and Jim Schardt who was fast in an earlier. If there was a reunion with 3 or 4 of those, I would gladly fly back east to listen. If you were able to get 3 or 4 of those to attend, I would suggest that you have at least 2 evening meetings. One would be on the topic of period race car set up. The other would be on racing war stories.  A third could be on what we pay to race. On that one, no women would be allowed to enter without showing their competition license (for obvious reasons). The economics of racing is an important subject. With people spending $50,000 to race a season and be competitive at the Runoffs now, it would be interesting to find out what some FastVair racers spent in the 1970's in D Production to get to the "Big Dance". 

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   The May event at SP, I believe is the Jefferson 500. It was re-started after an absence and I believe it is VRG that is the prime running it. At least I think they did this year. There are events in Apr and May at VIR. The May event may be by invitation but, in the past it was limited to slower cars. I'll check though, Mike, so it will give us all another option. Peter Kraus puts it on. I would think the VRG events would be best for us.
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The VDCA and VRG are having to events together next year,VIR in april and Summit Point  in May. Maybe we can get a Corvair/Yenko/Crown reunion at one of these events.Norman might come as long as its not an HSR event.  Rick will come cause he just want to Race! I will go anywhere on the east coast ,just need to plan early so I can get off work.  Mike

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   HI Dan,
Yes, we hope to run a "full" schedule of about 6 races next year plus Indy and PW. The 89 probably will become the 09.  Would like to do the Mitty, Mosport and Road America. Chuck S----- Original Message ----- From: tgiannotti at comcast.net 
Chuck, are you coming out of Retirement this year, its been awhile since we saw the #89.?
I couldn't resist.!!

Subject: [fastvair] SVRA classification - D Production

Jim Schardt was the reason the Yenko Stingers were originally classified in 
SVRA Grp 8. He was faster than most in that group and I believe the cars 
that beat him were highly illegal; way underweight, bigger engines, etc. I 
believe Jim is the reason they checked my car so thoroughly back when.

When I came along  ;>(  and Jim mostly stopped racing, they realized that a 
YS ought to be raced in Grp 3 (3D) competing against what it used to compete 
against.. Even in Grp 3, those Triumphs with aluminum rear hubs, things 
Curtis mentioned, larger than allowed engines and not .040 over but .060 and 
.090. What SVRA announced a few years ago, was that a YS with disk brakes 
was in Grp 8 and with drum brakes in Grp 3. They do have a maximum size 
allowed but doubt they would check, unless you start beating everyone. For 
example, 275 hp 914-6's run in Grp 8.

Having said all that, I suspect I could change to disks and they might not 

The best vintage pure cars and best drivers typically run in the top ten but 
as Curtis said, the legal cars tend to run further back in the back.

Another thing. I note the times have come down for the groups I race with. A 
few years ago, my 4th place on the WG grid was pretty quick out of 37 cars 
(SVRA Grp 3). That time would be starting tenth today. Also, there are more 
and more retired pro drivers running vintage. That year I did so well at the 
Glen, Bobby Rahal was sitting near me at the Drivers' meeting... different 
class... and he didn't win...

Chuck S
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>I am around vintage racing a lot, or enough anyway to know two things for 
> 1.  Vintage racing is not vintage.  That TR4 your chasing may have stock 
> brakes but.......it's also not running the one and only homologated 
> alternate gears set it was allowed in 1972, it is running drop spindles 
> that wouldn't have been allowed back in the day, it is running rear axle 
> location that is allowed now but wasn't then, is probably running larger 
> than stock valves which would not have been legal in 72, and lifting them 
> with modern high lift rockers not allowed way back when, and it probably 
> has a steel crank and Carrello rods now that it didn't then, ect. ect.  If 
> it's fast and it still has SU carbs you'll find they are way bigger models 
> than allowed in 67 or 72.
> and 2.  That I watched Jim Schardt at an MidOhio SVRA race a few years 
> back drive his really 72 legal 4 wheel drum brake Stinger by the 
> competition like they were standing still.  Amazing.
> Seriously, my point is that, with rare exceptions like Schardt, vintage 
> purist are the guys in the back of the pack.  HSR has had no issue with 
> disc on a Stinger and SVRA might not bother.  Many of the group 8 Alfa 
> GTVs at the Schardt SVRA race referenced above had non-stock calipers and 
> one had even substituted vented for the solid disc.
> Curtis Wood

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