<VV> Muriatic Acid Vs. Phosphoric Acid

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I've used phosphoric acid (bought a gallon of high % (85%?) from a food industry chemical supplier - it's lasted me for years). And recently picked up a gallon of Milk Stone Remover at the farm supply place - it's around 50% phosphoric acid in a mix of water and soap for cleaning. The motorcycle guys love it for derusting the inside of fuel tanks.

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I've used muriatic acid diluted 50% with water.
It won't remove grease or oil, but WILL remove rust. If left unattended, it
will continue to eat the steel. Nasty stuff, so be careful.
Wash with water, but treat it as soon as it dries, as what you just
de-rusted, will start rusting immediately'
Purchase at building supply stores, as it's used to wash brick walls.

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I have read about both of these acids in the Corvair tech guide, does anyone
have any experience with either one of these.
I want to clean up some half-shafts and suspension parts. Is Phosphoric acid
easily found?, if so where? Which one seems to work better?
What's the?mix ratio of water to acid on the Muriatic acid. Once dipped in
the Muriatic acid, what additoinal prep is needed other than washing them
off prior to painting.

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