<VV> Need some help finding a vhicle

Bob Dunahugh yenko108 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 5 16:04:57 EDT 2011


My wife was in a bad accident with her lift van last week. She'll be in the hospital for sometime. The company that builds the vans like she had is in Salina Kansas. GM only builds full size vans anymore. I need to find a 2008 ( the last year build ) Chevy Uplander, ( or Buick equivalent ) within 400miles of Salina. Or in the midwest. The company will only do it to a van under 40,000 miles and preferably around Salina and south due to rust for the complete disassemble of the van from the fire wall to the rear bumper. The entire floor needs to be taken out, and the suspension so the van can lower itself to the ground, and put the ramp out. There is a 5 to 7 week turn around after I have a van there. The company only has 2 more kits on hand for an Uplander  or Buick equivalent. If someone can put me in contact with a dealer or person that has one. I would be vary grateful. You can contact me at, yenko108 at hotmail, or my cell 319-521-4891 any time.    Bob Dunahugh 		 	   		  

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