<VV> Corvair mention in Automobile magazine's The Chevrolet 100 cover story

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Fri Oct 7 14:54:29 EDT 2011

The November 2011 (Vol. 26, No. 8) issue of Automobile magazine features a  
cover story on "Chevrolet Turns 100 The 100 Most Significant Cars, People,  
Technologies, and Milestones-both Good and Bad-of Chevrolet's First  
Century."  The Corvair got its due mention.  Despite promising to  cover the bad 
as well as the good, the blurb about the Corvair was not  altogether 
unflattering.  Ralph Nader, was of course mentioned,  however.  That oft-seen 
factory publicity photo of the Satin Silver '62  Monza coupe in front of a flower 
vendor's car that graced showroom posters and  dealer post cards was 
published.  Not all the facts were strictly correct  ("The Corvair debuted for 1960 
as a coupe and a sedan..."; "The sporty Corvair  Monza Spyder...was the 
first Turbo Production Car...") but, overall, not  bad.  Corvair was also 
mentioned in an aside about GM design chief, Bill  Mitchell who was noted for the 
'65 Corvair as well as the '63 Corvette, the '67  Camaro and the '68 
Corvette.  Also, the section about the Chevy II/Nova  began; "After the Corvair's 
disappointing showing..."  
The magazine's a keeper.  I wish today's substitute letter carrier  hadn't 
bent mine!
~Bill Stanley

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