<VV> Barn ~ and swamp ~ Finds ... What lurks in their minds ?

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Tue Oct 11 13:48:33 EDT 2011

I see your point, ~ it is really infuriating, and I think you said it best,
“What do they think will happen when the buyer actually sees it ?”

I think they really believe that some people will buy it just because they
have so much invested already (i.e. "tipping point") ?

Maybe they really think it’s such a gem, that the rust and missing parts are
“not significant” ?

Who knows what lurks in their minds ?  I surely don’t want to go there !!!!


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I wasn't comparing the two cars.  Just showing what some people think is
worth $6500 and is "restored"  I would have been really upset if I had
purchased that car on eBay for $6500 and found out it had visible rust holes
in a restored car.
I went to look at a "really nice" Vega about 20 years ago.  I called the guy
and asked him detailed questions including does it use oil? and are you a
dealer?  I drove an hour and a half to look at it and it was on a car lot. 
I guess he didn't figure I would notice.  It had 3 flats and filled the
parking lot with smoke when he started it.  His gravel parking lot met some
of the other cars on the lot as I left.
I can't imagine buying a plane ticket to go pickup something like that.

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Good point, but I dare say you could see the headlights through the rear
fenders !

If the car had looked anything like the one in your picture, I'd have taken
it !

The car in your link is gorgeous compared to my experience !

The guy in my experience would have described this car (see VV link) as
"needing restoration, but sure, you can drive it home" !  This car is very
close to what I found when I arrived, and I did call him a flat out liar, to
his face, but he just shrugged as if to say it was not his problem.  I guess
that’s true ?


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That isn't a language skill problem.  That person is a liar and I would have
told him so.  He should have to pay for your time and expenses.  
It may have been worth it since it was the rare model with headlights on 4
I have had similar false claims from sellers.  I'm not sure what they think
you are going to do when you get there.
This one has pictures so you can't say he's hiding anything.  You can see
daylight through the rust holes but it looks like fresh paint.
I just checked it and now it says "just needs a few more hundred dollars
worth of restoration to be 100% finished"  At least it has pictures.  Only

Joel McGregor

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