<VV> Adjusting clacky valves

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Sat Oct 15 21:15:23 EDT 2011

Adjusting valves running is sadistic, and maybe masochistic ?  

That's my one of my favorite "mechanic" stories !

I paid a nearby Chevy dealer $9.95 to adjust the clacky valves on my
Lakewood, on my way to work one very cold, snowy, November day in New York
because I did not want to lay on my back in my garage.

When I picked the car up after work (the shop was closing), the car made
more noise than when I brought it in.
The service manager said (those famous words), "It'll be quiet when it warms
up" and I believed him !

It was about 5 degrees, the sun was already down, and 2 miles later, on the
aptly named SOB (South Oyster Bay Expressway), the car would not run any

I ended up adjusting my valves in the snow on the side of an icy 65 MPH
expressway, setting all valves to "zero" and to then adjusting them HOT!

(Did you ever try cleaning hot oil off your hands with snow at 5 degrees, in
the dark?)  

The car ran perfectly all the way home (another 45 miles, on the "Big LIE" ~
Long Island Expressway) !

I complained the next day and he said, "Why ? It sounds great" ?!?!?  

I love paying professionals ~ it saves me SO-O-O much time and effort !

Charlie, The Grim Griper 

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Harder to find zero lash? If you can't find zero lash, you've got no
business adjusting valves.
He didn't mention replacement lifters, SO I assumed OEM lifters....and
adjusting valves on a Corvair running, is just plain sadistic.

I'm going back to the garage now and adjust a four cam Northstar...cold.

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Harry, you may be expert at setting valves cold, but most don't have
the expertise to do so. I did my engine that way when building it up,
but its less accurate once the lifters have pumped up and seated,
because its harder to find that zero lash position. And, unless the
lifters are NOS 60's vintage setting the lash at one turn will do
exactly the problem Bruce had in the first place as newer lifters
should be adjusted no tighter than 1/2 turn. The newer lifters are
designed differently internally and have less to play with in
adjustment. Mark Durham


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