<VV> Near misses (was Ball Joints on late Models ?)

Karl Haakonsen cityhawk at sprint.blackberry.net
Thu Oct 20 11:50:47 EDT 2011

Tony Underwood wrote (with much snippage): 
No warning, just a sudden clack as the lower control arm hit 
the pavement followed by a lurch to port.   Driver's side.  It 
happened as I was parking downtown, moving at a walking pace so no 
damage, got lucky.

I had only 3 minutes earlier been going down I-81
This story reminds me of the time in '81 or '82 when I was driving my 1963 pickup home one night. It had a three-speed column shift with no synchro on 1st gear and manual steering. I had come to a stop before shifting into 1st to make the 90 degree turn and up the hill on my parents' farm. I turned the wheel and it just kept spinning freely around and around. The steering column had broken clean in two. The half that was attached to the steering wheel spun around freely while the half attached to the steering box just sat there. Thank God I wasn't moving when that happened!

Karl in Boston
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