<VV> Racing at VIR

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Thu Oct 20 18:55:02 EDT 2011

The BRD (Big Red Dodge) is loaded and I just finished loading the car on the trailer. We are ready to head out in the morning for the ProdFest at VIR.
This event is also a spectator event so anyone can attend but, ya gotta buy a ticket. No, I do not know what the gate fee is.
Still cold, windy and drizzling as it has for the last two days. Sat/Sun forcast is for sunny and low 60's at the track. Good Corvair and fat guy weather!
Lookin forward to getting it out one more time and being with the Corvair family before winter kicks in.

The next event for me will be the Performance Workshop in Indy in March....

PS, I have one more slot on my crew list to get in free. Email me tonight.

See ya there,
Rick Norris
#36 Sunoco Corvair

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