<VV> LM turbos and no lower shrouds

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 My heater was always AWESOME! But my cooling never really was. Sure, an N/A 110 doesn't take anywhere near the amount of cooling as a jazzed up 180, but add air conditioning, and things are no longer really adequate. 
And remember that same 110 and the 180 turbo have exactly the same cooling system. Clearly not a great idea by any stretch. 

Drive a Corvair hard and spirited (why else would there be 140, 150 and 180 engines?) and there just ain't enough cooling at all. 


John Roberts


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You may think the cooling is inadequate but I'll bet there are more owners 
that think the heating is inadequate.  The good original design is a 
compromise for heating and cooling on the lowest priced car in the GM 

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> Um, the stock system is not all that and a bag o' chips. Sorry. For those 
> of us who have turbo cars, etc., the cooling is utterly inadequate. 
> Removing the shrouds produces a noticeable drop in CHT and oil 
> temperature.
> Even on a non turbo car, if driven spiritedly, the cooling system runs out 
> of breath.
> So, there is, in fact a better system out there. GM simply failed to 
> install it!!
> John Roberts
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> I am always puzzled by this discussion which comes up every so
> often.  The car was designed well from the factory.  If you have
> everything correct -- all the shrouds as well as seals and so forth,
> there is no better system.  I am in AZ, totally bone-stock, at
> altitude (3500-8000 feet), summer temps of 110 ... and I NEVER have
> even gotten remotely close to overheating.  Our speed limit is 75 and
> I can go up a 6% grade at 80, no over heating.  From my 3500 to 7500
> feet happens in 6 miles, no overheat even at 80.
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