<VV> VIR, We came, we tried, we live to fight another day.

Mel Francis mfrancis at wi.rr.com
Sun Oct 23 20:34:32 EDT 2011

Wow! What a story......for everyone involved. We all know there have to be 
race weekends like this, sometimes....

When I bought my first Stinger, a '67 in '72, it already had a well-worn and 
sloppy throttle linkage and I decided to replace the entire movement of rods 
and bellcranks with a marine throttle cable, from an outboard throttle 
setup. The car had already been equipped with a four-runner intake and a 
Carter AFB. I bought the cable from a marine outlet and they're available in 
many lengths, so it was just a matter of measuring for the right one.

It connected directly to the lower connection on the gas pedal and the 
throttle hookup on the carburetor. About three or four brackets along its 
length held it in place. This one small addition completely changed the 
response of the engine to throttle input and I used basically the same cable 
setup recently on our Monza SS, since once again, I was faced with a 
centrally mounted carb. The GT3 car already has this sort of throttle cable.

Would you consider this sort of hookup on #36? It might simplify maintenance 
and lessen the likelyhood of any future damage, if you are caught travelling 
in the 'rough'.

Just a thought, Mel

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> We broke camp and left VIR for home about 12:30, arrived back at Corvair 
> Alley 5:30ish.
> Well, it certainly could have been better for the Corvairs.
> David Clemens has to be the real marathon man here. After breaking his 
> Crank shaft which broke other things he and his crew made the decision to 
> remove the drive train, run back to Roanoke, fix it all and drive back to 
> VIR, bolt it all back in the car and make the grid at 10:00. Alas, it was 
> not to have a happy ending as the engine lost oil pressure but, I will let 
> him tell the tale.
> Michael LeVeque finally got on track for some laps after fixing the carb 
> and starter issues but, he went up in smoke. Janet has the photos! Michael 
> thinks it was a broken crank, Warren thinks its another thrown rod.
> They are probably somewhere on the road back home about now.
> As for me, I managed to make some laps after fixing the accel rod pivot on 
> the tranny with a bolt from David Clemens. We began our race at about 
> 8:30. It was sunny but around 45 degrees with a damp cold track and racing 
> tires. I was gridded last as expected but that was good as I could 
> concentrate on learning the track and trying to get some heat in the 
> tires. It was like ice! As I got a bit more comfortable I began running a 
> bit faster. As I was trying to wind it out in second gear it would not go 
> more than 5 grand! Damn, whets wrong? I kept trying to get more out of the 
> motor in the other gears but on the down hill coming on to the front 
> straight I heard it pinging. I had suspected the timing was too far 
> advanced which turns out it  was. I decided to come in before I holed one 
> of those nice pop up pistons and call it a day.
> I don't know if I completed enough laps to have a complete or a DNF or not 
> but, I think I had the most laps complete for the Corvairs! GGG!
> As mentioned earlier Bob Coffin was with us but, running his VW in H Prod 
> which, he won. Congrats to Bob as this was the first race for points of 
> 2012 for the SARRC series he runs in.
> This was also my first ProdFest which, is an event for production cars put 
> on by Mark Coffin and his wife Barrie. Saturday evening they had a big 
> cook out in the paddock and gave out door prizes and awards. Janet and I 
> left early after we ate but, I won some stuff! I was voted the Hard Luck 
> prize.
> Before you say what about David, he and Michael were not participants in 
> the Prod Fest as they both ran in SPU. My prize was a nice bottle of Crown 
> Royal with two nice tumblers for drinking it in. also for a door prize I 
> won a bottle of private Label red wine and a couple of gift cards from 
> Sheetz Stores, a gas and go franchise of which we have several in our 
> area. So, I made out like a bandit! I highly recommend the ProdFest next 
> year.
> The trip home was actually very nice. It was another gorgeous fall day and 
> we enjoyed the rural sights along US 28 through the Virginia hills.
> We are tired but feeling rather good about it all. Next event, the 
> Performance Workshop!
> Work tomorrow....
> Rick Norris
> #36 Sunoco Corvair
> www.corvairalley.com
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