<VV> DULL Cars WAS LM turbos and no lower shrouds [no Corvair]

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 I have SO many stories about my Legacy GT wagon and the 300ZXTT and older 'muscle' cars. The muscle car owner is rarely happy. And given that the GT does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and the Z does the same in 4.8 seconds, well, that IS the very definition of the Hand Of God pushing into your back!! At least as far as well behaved street cars go. Then there's the exceptional handling, etc. So, modern cars are boring? Hardly. Sure, there are the 'appliance' cars out there, various Ford Tauri come to mind, and the various other sweethearts of the rental fleets, but who here would buy one of those? 

Just a smattering of seriously fun modern cars:

Subaru STi
Nissan 370Z
Nissan GT-R
Any Corvette
Caddy CTS-V
Mitsubishi EVO
And this isn't much of a list yet!! 

Mussel cars? Are you shelfish? <G>


John Roberts


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DULL is for sure ... today's measure for 'sharp' cars is how many cup holders 
they have, how exciting! :-)  Some of the new cars are pretty fast ... even some 
of the Jap Crap.  At least they think so until they come up against an old 
mussel car with modern sticky tires.  No just stomping on the gas to go with the 
old timers; it takes some skill with the clutch to keep from going up in smoke!  
The raw power of all that big block torque punching you back in the seat ... now 
THAT is a REAL blast!

Ken P
Wyandotte, MI
Worry looks around; Sorry looks back, Faith looks up.


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> I would love to drive your car -- a Corvair with 
> 270hp has got to be a blast and a half.  As fast 
> as modern cars are, they are DULL.  E

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