<VV> retro-repro

Rich Gregory lzdick at comcast.net
Sat Oct 29 18:59:46 EDT 2011

Have you seen the Dynacorn product?  I am a Camaro guy, first (sorry, boys), and there is no way I would own one.  When Dynacorn assembled their first product for display it was awful...nothing fit, and I mean  NOTHING!  Looked like something from a high school  'Auto Body 101' class.  I can't imagine anyone signing on for the product based on their display model.

Quote: The price of building a body in white is coming down. All it takes is a market!! 

The perfect item for a body replacement. 

Dynacorn already makes such things for the Camaro and Firebird. The real problem is, will a Corvair owner shell out this kind of scratch for a new body?

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