<VV> POWERSLIDES ~ is "Comfort level" why we drive Corvairs ?

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Sun Oct 30 11:08:00 EDT 2011

Sound like driving long distances is why you want "comfort level" but not
the other way around?  You'd buy a barge for that, IMHO.


For fun you want a car that can roll over a dime, and be able to tell if
it's heads or tails.


I rented a 2012 Ford Queen Victoria last weekend ~ comfortable, room for 12
in the front seat, like sitting on a gigantic sofa, but felt like I was
navigation a barge.


The only thing missing were the aroma therapy candles and mood lighting ?


Not the reason that I drive Corvairs, though, that's for sure.




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heated seats  cruise control  pulse wipers , among other do-dads  and
usually    driving it @ 10,000+ miles a year...(this year only @3500)





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Note the emphasis on sacrifice, "comfort level" & drag cars ?

"Comfort level" is a consideration, but is that why we drive Corvairs, with
the exception that Corvair does not sacrifice comfort for handling, but
we're talking PGs here?

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