<VV> Power outage

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Mon Jul 2 00:57:27 EDT 2012

>Subject: <VV> Power outage
>FYI, we had a severe batch of thunderstorms last night, the power remains
>out.  I'll have the generator running for some period of time this evening
>but it'll be off overnight, then back up in the morning.
>Mail sent should have queued up and will be retried, usually on a four hour

There is still no power at my house across town... my kid, who lives 
in my house there, is ticked off about it all so she's staying here 
until the power is back on and the A/C is working again.  It's been 
pretty hot the last few days.   The storm hit us here in Roanoke 
right in the middle of the big Williamson Road Cruise-In that happens 
on the Friday night before the 4th of July each year...

62% of the city is still without power and trees are down 
everywhere.   Power company says it may be late next week before the 
4 block area where my (daughter's) house is will have power 
again.   I think the police department ran out of yellow tape to 
block off streets because of downed trees and power 
lines.  ;)    None of my trees broke, although the next door neighbor 
lost half her maple tree.

Well, she didn't lose it, it's still there and she still has 
it.  It's just not where it was the day before.   It did miss her car...

There's another storm brewing as I type this.   Not sure if it's 
gonna make the list or not.


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