<VV> Organization of Corvair Parts

Dale Dewald dkdewald at pasty.net
Wed Jun 6 14:21:59 EDT 2012

I have been considering the same thing as I am building a new garage that 
will free up space in my shop for parts storage.  After some consideration 
I concluded that it would be smarter not to reinvent the wheel.  I plan to 
label all of my parts with Clark's part numbers--this includes used 
parts.  They then can go on the shelf in numerical order, and a copy of 
Clark's catalog will be attached to the shelf with a small chain [so that 
it doesn't leave]. There will be some illogic in the grouping of parts 
based on function or use, but in time I will probably memorize many of the 
part numbers and be able to find them quickly.  An added advantage is that 
it It will be obvious to my heirs that the stash could be easily liquidated 
with one phone call...

Consumable parts, e.g. oil filters, would still be shelved in the garage 
along with similar items I have on hand for other vehicles and equipment.

At 10:09 6/06/2012 -0400, Seth wrote:
>   Have someone come up with a method of categorizing  Corvair parts?
>Maybe, dash parts, engine parts, trans/diff parts, trunk parts.  Or by 
>year. I
>would like to inventory them, but put them in some order  so I can find 
>Any thoughts?

Then, at 12:00 6/06/2012 -0400, Dave Keillor wrote:
>I created a computer-based catalog (spreadsheet) that has a reference to
>storage location.  For most of my parts I use plastic storage bins that are
>numbered.  I "borrowed" the Clark's numbering system for new parts because
>a lot of my parts came from Clark's.  Used parts are simply listed in the
>inventory without part numbers and the more valuable ones are tagged (e.g.,
>factory quick steering box with factory arms).  This will hopefully prevent
>my survivors from throwing good stuff into the dumpster.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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