<VV> Hillman Imp (no Corvair)

Bill & Chris Strickland lechevrier at q.com
Sat Jun 9 13:46:06 EDT 2012

> And that was after the Morris Minor Convertible.....

Still have a wire-wheeled, disc braked 1960 Morris Minor 1000 Traveler 
(woody wagon) -- I have a "bud" that keeps after me to hot rod & restore 
it -- last time it was moved, it ran and stopped under it's own power 
(the stopping part is truly amazing, if you've ever owned BMC you 

Learned to drive in one of Dad's MMs and have always had or owned one 
(also have a Bug-eye).  First car I "owned" myself was a 1960 Corvair.

Hillman wagons were not uncommon in our local area -- were they Manx's?

Bill Strickland

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