<VV> Organization of Corvair Parts

Kent Sullivan kentsu at corvairkid.com
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I have been using Excel for 15 years or more to organize my parts. Attached
(if it works right) is a picture of the column headings I use, along with a
sample row of data.

I use GM and Clark's numbers. I don't always fill in both sets of numbers;
it just depends on the amount of info I wanted to capture. When I remember,
I italicize whichever numbers are additional info. For example, for a NOS
part, the GM group and part numbers are primary and the Clark's number (if
they sell it) is secondary, so would be italicized. The reverse is true for
a reproduction part.

In the "Type" column, the possible values are NOS, new, and used; "new" =

The "Extend" field multiplies the quantity times the price paid for one

The "Location" field is what box the part lives in. My standard storage is
paper boxes (the kind that hold 10 [12?] reams of paper), with lids. For
odd-sized items, I use whatever I can find--often the shipping box. I write
"Box yy" on every box on all sides so it is easily visible on the shelf.
Most of my shelves are chromed-wire "hospital" type shelving, purchased
used. I also have some storage, for large items, on top of bathroom in my
shop (essentially a large flat area, reinforced).

The most-common info that I record in the "Comments" field is the source of
the part, if not Clark's (mostly individuals).

Excel (or any spreadsheet) has filtering available, which I turned off to
take the screen picture. The auto-filtering allows easy browsing of a long
parts list and of course the built-in text search allows me to search by
part number or full/partial description. Using something like Excel is even
more handy these days since smartphones generally have this type of software
on them, so I can easily look up something when I am not near a computer,
such as at a swap meet. Prevents me from buying something I already own. :-)

Hope this helps,

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I have been considering the same thing as I am building a new garage that
will free up space in my shop for parts storage.  After some consideration I
concluded that it would be smarter not to reinvent the wheel.  I plan to
label all of my parts with Clark's part numbers--this includes used parts.
They then can go on the shelf in numerical order, and a copy of Clark's
catalog will be attached to the shelf with a small chain [so that it doesn't
leave]. There will be some illogic in the grouping of parts based on
function or use, but in time I will probably memorize many of the part
numbers and be able to find them quickly.  An added advantage is that it It
will be obvious to my heirs that the stash could be easily liquidated with
one phone call...

Consumable parts, e.g. oil filters, would still be shelved in the garage
along with similar items I have on hand for other vehicles and equipment.
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