<VV> Hillman Imps

clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jun 10 00:49:44 EDT 2012

I have owned 4 Hillman Imps including a GT and a full race 998cc job.
I have emailled Bill directly on some details.
To add a bit more detail to that already provided, the engine is a Covenrty Climax as used in the original Lotus Elite (1300cc) and formula 3 cars of the 60s. The Imps were originally 875cc with a later 998cc version. If anyone needs to know how to identify the early and late model engines externally, please let me know.
Colin LYNN
Perth, West Australia member 028299
'64 Spyder, 66 El Camino

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