<VV> Bad Starter, was Melted Wires

Byron Comp byron.comp at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 08:04:20 EDT 2012

Yesterday we replaced the starter on my '64 Monza, thus solving why it wouldn't start. The nose part of the housing on the old starter had a split/crack about 3" long. I'm guessing that happened when I re-engaged the starter too quickly before it had completely dis-engaged. When I did that, I heard a brief grinding noise, and then the problem with the heavy current draw began. Anybody want to chime in with a more technical explanation of what may have happened?
We also replaced the sensor wires that had melted, re-routing them further away from the engine cowling to eliminate excessive heat from that source anyway.
Next thing is to get hooked up with a local club somewhere so I can get help with further tune-ups. Thanks for everybody's patience as I continue learning.
Byron Comp
'64 Monza Vert.
Williamsport, PA

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