<VV> Bad Starter, was Melted Wires

Robert Henry henry336359 at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 20 12:19:40 EDT 2012

I've been through this problem and initially made the same assumption, that the 
starter nose broke because of "User Error." It turned out to be a bad flywheel. 
The rivets come loose or break and the resulting eccentric motion of the ring 
gear breaks starter noses. Sometimes if you release the clutch while the engine 
is idling you can hear the flywheel rattle. The fix is a clutch job.

Robert Henry
'65 Corsa Convertible Turbo
Knoxville, TN

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Subject: Re: <VV> Bad Starter, was Melted Wires

Yesterday we replaced the starter on my '64 Monza, thus solving why it wouldn't 
start. The nose part of the housing on the old starter had a split/crack about 
3" long. I'm guessing that happened when I re-engaged the starter too quickly 
before it had completely dis-engaged. When I did that, I heard a brief grinding 
noise, and then the problem with the heavy current draw began. Anybody want to 
chime in with a more technical explanation of what may have happened?
We also replaced the sensor wires that had melted, re-routing them further away 
from the engine cowling to eliminate excessive heat from that source anyway.
Next thing is to get hooked up with a local club somewhere so I can get help 
with further tune-ups. Thanks for everybody's patience as I continue learning.
Byron Comp
'64 Monza Vert.
Williamsport, PA
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