<VV> Need help with a lower choke rod

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 21 17:52:58 EDT 2012

I am trying to help someone who has a Corvair-powered dune buggy that he wants to use for a nostalgia type wedding anniversary trip in less than 2 weeks. I am getting him some new carbs and some missing choke parts, but his engine is missing one of the lower choke rods (that hooks to the cylinder head heat coil on his '65 110 head). That is the one part I don't have and am hoping someone is willing to part with one and ship it to him. I will pay for the part and postage via paypal or a check or can trade 4 upper rods or other carb parts for it. Thanks for your consideration and a private reply.
Grant Young

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