<VV> Broken Starter Nose; morphed into Fuel issues

Jack Kean jkean at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 22 08:17:08 EDT 2012

Ray Sedman offers an electronic fuel shut-off box (designed and built by 
David Heath) that not only shuts off the fuel when the engine is not 
running, but will prime the system for a few seconds when the key is 
turned on. I have used this for a few years (I purchased it directly 
from David before it was available at American Pi).

I can cycle the key on/off a few times filling the carbs and the motor 
starts right up. Add that to the built in shut off capability and it is 
a good deal. I also have an impact switch in my system.

jack kean
Arlington, Texas

On 6/21/2012 11:03 PM, jimster1 wrote:
> Don't even need a button, just a relay.  Connect the pump to the common of
> the relay, the N/C contact to the starter solenoid and the N/O to your
> safety circuit.  Safety circuit can be an impact switch in series with the
> N/O contacts of a Vega oil pressure switch.  The pump runs while cranking
> and when there is oil pressure.
> Jim

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