<VV> Screws and bolts

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 Apparently, we're lacking something to talk about. <G> That's when we get screwed up and bolt! I slay me...


John Roberts


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How 'bout 6-32 SCREWS?
A 1/4-20 is a bolt.

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So what are 1/4"-20... bolts or screws ?I grew up knowing all machine
threaded ones (those which accept machined nuts) as bolts and those commonly
used on sheet metal (non machined threads or self threading) as screws.
Could be wrong but any time and at every place I ask for a bolt (tornillo in
my place) they show me what I know as a bolt. Same for screws (pijas in my
place).Even the numbered nomenclature is different. 1/4"-20 means a bolt and
#6-1 1/2" means an screw. They don`t sell screws by a measured
diameter.Resuming what The Machinery's Handbook, 23 Revised Edition says
near the end of  page 1277 , a bolt can accept a nut, an screw can't but, if
that bolt is inserted into a machined hole and tightened by it's head, it is
an screw.If I understood well, a 1/4"-20 fastener is a bolt if used and
tightened with a nut but, an screw if inserted on a threaded hole
(technically a nut to me) and tightened by the head.Concluding......
As you say.... just my 2 pennies.
Daniel Monasterio

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