<VV> Maddening Electrical Problem - Can Anyone Help

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Thu Nov 22 06:26:11 EST 2012

I had a lakewood do the same thing this week,ended up being the main
harness connector in the engine compartment. plastic had melted and
let 2 connectors touch.

On 11/22/12, J R Read <hmlinc at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> If the lighter socket caused all of this, have you disconnected this
> (unfused) circuit?
> Later, JR
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> B"H
> Hi all, hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I had a problem with my 66
> Monza the other day where a live wire (I think it was the cigrarette lighter
> wire) shorted out, filling the interior with acrid electrical smoke. The car
> died on the street, I turned the ignition off and pulled my cell phone
> charger out of the lighter socket.
> After the smoke cleared, the car started right up and I didn't see anything
> obviously wrong. Then the next day, I noticed that with the key out of the
> ignition (and everything OFF), the GEN/FAN light was glowing a faint red,
> and the TEMP/PRESS light was glowing also, but was dimmer.
> I pulled the instrument cluster out and looked at all the wiring, but
> couldn't find anything out of place. No shorts or grounded wires. Sometimes
> the lights would go off, but then go back on again with no obvious reason.
> All this is with the ignition OFF and the key out of the switch.
> Thinking I may have damaged the alternator (it's an upgraded Clark's unit
> with built in electronic regulator), I pulled the two wire connector off the
> alternator from the wiring harness. The GEN/FAN came on with full
> brightness. Reconnected the harness, the GEN/FAN light went back to glowing
> dully.
> There's power to the GEN/FAN bulb from the dash multiconnector, it's the
> brown and white wire, with the key off.
> When you start the engine, both idiot lights go off, the volt gauge shows a
> normal 13-14 volts, and everything appears normal. I've checked the ignition
> switch and all the contacts appear to be ok, couldn't find any shorts
> between the terminals.
> Can anyone help?
> Thank you all...Bill Hershkowitz 66 Monza 110 PG A/C
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