<VV> Corvair Oil filter pricing

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Bob----It’s not a very well made filter. I’m not talking about the sealing which most people are worried about, with good reason. 
Open up a Purolator and open up a Wix after running them, and you’ll see what I mean. 

Back in 98 I did a comparison for my customers at Western Auto.   Had a 302 Ford motor in my 87 Mercury.  Ran a Fram PF3, A Motorcraft PL-1 and a K&N competition filter on it, 3K miles each. 
FRAM---Looked like a roll of wilted TP Inside. 
Motorcraft-----Better but had taken a beating for the material used. 
K&N---Held together, other than being dirty looked new inside,. 

So when you Buy a Wix, you’re getting what you pay for.  I had forgotten the need for being “Frugal”  (I’m getting old)  I’m sure JR is referring to Larry at the Vair Shop.   There’s a difference between a filter “Failing” as in the seals blow, 
and premature failure of the engine because cheap filters didn’t get out enough of the particulate matter.  I built the engine in my LM quite a few years back-----But it cost me about 2500.00  to rebuild completely. 

The question begs-----if a Purolator is 6, and a wix is 13, You’re not making a 7 dollar mistake each time you buy one, You’re saving yourself the possibility of a several thousand dollar  mistake further down the line. 

Then again, many approve of “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish”  So this is as far as it goes. 


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What kind of scare tactics is this?
What do you mean that I won't like what I see?
Please describe in some detail what you mean.
Bob Helt 

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  Run one for 3K miles, then take a cut off wheel and cut around the lip at the bottom of the filter.  You won’t like what you see.  

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