<VV> Fox 2] The new Fox Sports Network

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Sat Aug 17 22:42:11 EDT 2013

I'd have to move up one or two tiers with my cable company to get Fox sports
two or Fox sports one. I lost a lot of content, I regularly watched today.


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Rolex is on Fox Sports 2 , 737 Comcast in Fred'burg, VA. This is the old
Fuel TV channel..  I think it is from KS, delayed from this afternoon. I
understand it is on tomorrow on FS1..  sez here...
Camaro is running second in GT. Early in race.

Chuck S
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  From: BBRT
  What's worse is their (FS1) programming..... UCF on now...waiting for road
racing at 8 pm...

  Chuck S
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    From: Dennis Pleau 
    I'm glad Fox Sports has a network to take on ESPN.  It sucks that they
took the SPEED network off the air and replaced it with Fox Sports.



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