<VV> bad lifter?

Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 19:40:59 EDT 2013

Ray, I am thinking that since it is a intake, the engine can continue
to draw fuel/air through the open valve and therefore would increase
slightly. you may be exceeding the lifter range and can permanently
damage the system if you run it at any more than zero lash. If the
noise is definitely that lifter and it does not go completely away,
take the rocker off first and check the ball and rocker for cracks, the
make sure the push rod is not bent. Also take a good look at the
valves. Look for anything out of place.
There could also be a loose intake valve seat which would open up the
valve clearance.

You can remove the lifter by first removing the two rockers, then the
rocker studs which are head bolts, then the pushrod guide plate, then
pull the tube out. I use a dental pic with a bent end to hook on the
lifter circlip and pull the lifter out. Replace it. verify the cam lobe
face on the lifter is ok, and get some cam lube to reassemble. Verify
the engine is tdc compression stroke so both valves are shut before you
start, and don't move the crank until after you have re-tightened the
head bolts. If the base of the lifter looks suspicious, take a pic and
let us look.
Mark Durham
62 coupe red/red 4 speed
Hauser Idaho

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Subject: <VV> bad lifter?
In trying to get my hot rodded 140 running like it should I noticed that
the left bank sounded like there was a rocker too loose so I did a hot
adjustment today with the engine running and it did not solve the problem
but I did find something interesting.

The problem is on the intake valve on the #4 cylinder.  If I continue to
tighten the rocker nut after getting rid of the valve lash the RPM
increases instead of decreases.

This seems to me to indicate a bad lifter, but I wanted your opinions.

If it is a bad lifter (or you otherwise know what the problem is) please
give suggestions on how to fix it.  I know there was some debate as to what
lifters to use.  Also can I replace just the bad one?

I am thinking of just tightening it to where it runs well until I get parts
and fix it, is that ok?


Ray Rodriguez III
Certifiable Vair Nut
Lake Ariel, PA
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