<VV> can't seem to idle down

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Sun Aug 25 11:07:37 EDT 2013

I had a very similar problem a few years back.  Disassmebled and reassembled the carbs 6 times and still couldn't get it to idle.  Then it happened. Late one night, about 2 am, I bolted the carbs back on and started the car yet again.  IT IDLED PERFECTLY!!!!!!  Upon futher inspection, I realized I forgot to hook up the chokes.  Upon even further inspection the mystery was solved.  As it turned out, a piece of the linkage was bent just enough to bind and cause all kinds of hate and discontent.  It was so slight it wasn't obvious to the naked eye, but it was bent none the less!!! 
    The moral of the story?  Closely inspect all your carb linkage for bends and binding. 
Cap'n Hook 
'60 700 4dr, 110/4spd 
'63 ragtop, 110/pg 
'65 monza 4dr, 84/pg 

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