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Bob Gilbert bgilbert at gilberts-bc.ca
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Just to add my .02...

Part of the reason for "throwing them away" before their time is that so few
people are capable of maintaining the modern cars. So when things start to
go wrong, it's either pay $100 an hour for a parts replacer at which rate
you get to a $1,000 pretty quickly or you start to think about replacing the
car. I Have 66 Corsa and a 68 UltraVan, they are in good shape but I won't
kid myself that they are 50 plus year old vehicles and things will go wrong
and I have to have one "newish" reliable, non-Corvair vehicle. 

I'm an OK shade tree mechanic and a reasonably good Corvair mechanic but
there's no way I will touch my 2010 Subaru, other than for minor fluid
replacement.  One result is a recent service call that ran to $1,100 that
included  some parts that had to be replaced.  That was a big "ouch" on my
pension! I wasn't ripped off, the charges for the parts and the labour were
all reasonable but it all adds up.

A bill like that has been by far the exception but time goes on and if I
start to get a 2 or 3 of those in a year then $300 a month for a new leased,
throw away - but trouble free - vehicle looks starts to look like a viable,
reliable economic option.

Years ago I wouldn't go near a dealership for service but now for my OGV
(One Good Vehicle)I have no real choice. So probably 5-10 years from now my
Subaru with maybe 200,000 miles will be in relatively good condition but may
simply be too expensive to maintain and a few years after that it will
probably end up in the junk yard.

Ok, that was more like .04...


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I don't even own anything that new!

I do not purchase depreciating assets, not a good use of capital for me. 

Let other people take the heavy depriciation and let me drive for small

Hey, That's how I got into Corvairs in the 70's!

Harry, I spent a few hours out west in wrecking yards, and their age seemed
the same. What a sight seeing rust free bodies thrown away of recent

But, when I was in yards back in the 70's, most of the cars were from the
60's, so even then cars would end up disposed by 6 to 8 years of age, so
they are on the road longer now than then.  Average age of vehicles in
service is now over 11 years, way longer than ever before.

Frank DuVal

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I frequent a local salvage yard and I notice incoming inventory. The peak
for junking a car at this yard (and I'm sure is similar at other eastcoast
yards) is 11-12 year old cars.

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