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John Beck jb30343 at windstream.net
Fri Dec 13 14:09:05 EST 2013

A coworker of mine is currently looking for a small pickup in the 5-10 
year old range.  Yesterday he told me that he went to an auction and 
quit bidding on a 4 cyl. 2003 Tacoma when it got to $11,000.  I guess 
some people still appreciate 10+ year old vehicles.  --J.B.

corvairduval at cox.net wrote:
> I don't even own anything that new!
> I do not purchase depreciating assets, not a good use of capital for me.
> Let other people take the heavy depriciation and let me drive for small
> money.
> Hey, That's how I got into Corvairs in the 70's!
> Harry, I spent a few hours out west in wrecking yards, and their age seemed
> the same. What a sight seeing rust free bodies thrown away of recent
> vintage.
> But, when I was in yards back in the 70's, most of the cars were from the
> 60's, so even then cars would end up disposed by 6 to 8 years of age, so
> they are on the road longer now than then.  Average age of vehicles in
> service is now over 11 years, way longer than ever before.
> Frank DuVal
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> I frequent a local salvage yard and I notice incoming inventory. The peak
> for junking a car at this yard (and I'm sure is similar at other eastcoast
> yards) is 11-12 year old cars.

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