<VV> shifter base studs

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Wed Dec 25 06:59:32 EST 2013

I save those shifter studs. Always whack them with a BFH for removal. I have
never broken one removing it. Ya hafta support it well though.
Yes, the adjustment is tricky especially for catching reverse. The setup on
my dune buggy is really tricky. It's a combination of VW, Corvair and
TransVair parts that some previous owners (not you Mike) massaged.

Rick Norris
1st CORSA President, 1971
Hurricane WV

All of the "quick-shift" kits on the market required this, in order to
install the spacer between the casting and the floor. I would carefully
support  the area around the head of the stud before tapping (ok, whomping)
on the tip of  the stud. The right size 3/8" socket should do fine. You
might try installing a  nice nut on the threaded end before hitting it, in
order to preserve the stud.  Someone might need the old stud someday, say,
when they grow tired of trying to  adjust the quicker shifter and realize
that maybe didn't really need it after  all. <grin> - PS - Say goodbye to
those shims where the shifter bolts  up against the floor (save those too).
And make sure the rest of the  "shift-train" is optimized. 
Seth Emerson
In a message dated 12/23/2013 3:02:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
dixon5553 at yahoo.com writes:

Hi - Has  anyone tried pressing out the four studs found on a LM on a shfter
base  housing? This is the metal base that bolts to the floor. I need longer
ones,  and it looks like they would come out fairly  e-z. 



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