<VV> Judson and CORSA autocross rules

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Thu Feb 7 11:16:25 EST 2013

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A friend  of mine has a question about autocross classification.  His car
will  be a 62 coupe with a 140 engine and Judson supercharger.  Will  he
still be in IS-3 or does the Judson automatically bump him up to SM  class?

Thanks! Ray Rodriguez III
Ray - I looked back through the rules. I think the Judson could be  treated 
as a non-stock turbo on a Turbo motor. By itself, it wouldn't move the  car 
into SM class. What carburetor(s) is your friend running on the Judson  
installation on the 140 motor? The points do add up, depending on what other  
equipment he is running.
-Seth Emerson

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