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There is a current movie where the protagonist drives a '63 convertible.  It's "Struck By Lightning" which was written and produced by Chris Colfer of GLEE who also stars in it.  His character drives the Corvair.  I've not seen it but it's not for lack of desire.  Apparently the movie is primarily being released for download.  It has recently been released in a handful of art house cinemas in cities like New York and L.A. but if anyone outside those cities wants to see it, you can do so via Amazon, etc. as a download or some such method that's not even on my radar screen.  Between my slow DSL and processors on the computers I have being ancient by computer standards, I'm not even going to try.  It will eventually be released on DVD but I've so far been unable to ascertain the anticipated date.  Anyway, maybe some one on here who is more technologically modern than I could watch it and give us all a Corvair-centric review.

To read about the plan to release the film primarily digitally, go here:


If you want to watch it via Amazon, go here:


The second of the two links above includes a trailer you can click on that shows the protagonist's Palomar Red '63 convertible about 2/3rd into it.

~Bill Stanley

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