<VV> Judson and CORSA autocross rules

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Thu Feb 7 14:13:00 EST 2013


I would like to point out that a Judson supercharger is a  
supercharger, not a turbocharger!!!

Are you serious?

On Feb 7, 2013, at 8:52 AM, Ryan Counterman wrote:

> We should discuss this now to avoid troubles on autocross day.   
> After reviewing the official rules, which has no mention of using a  
> supercharger, I believe this car would land into IS3, 60-69 high  
> horsepower.  The rules deduct 20 points for use of a non-stock turbo  
> charger, and I think this would apply.  So watch your points and  
> make sure you dont go over and I think you can run IS3.  I think you  
> would be competitive with turbo cars, but be at the bottom of the SM  
> class.  This is open for discussion!
> Ryan Counterman
> Autocross Chair - 2013 Convention "A Vairiation in Kalamazoo"
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> On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 5:42 PM EST Ramon Rodriguez III wrote:
>> Hiya guys, I swear I haven't disappeared forever! I'm hoping to  
>> make a
>> full on comeback by late spring, in the meantime I just don't have  
>> enough
>> time to keep up with VV and the forums.
>> A friend of mine has a question about autocross classification. His  
>> car
>> will be a 62 coupe with a 140 engine and Judson supercharger. Will he
>> still be in IS-3 or does the Judson automatically bump him up to SM  
>> class?
>> Thanks!
>> Ray Rodriguez III
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