<VV> Old tires, Revisited (No Corvair)

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Sun Feb 10 07:45:26 EST 2013

From: "Ron" <ronh at owt.com>
Subject: <VV> Old tires, Revisited (No Corvair)

The recent discussion regarding the use of older tires became real for me 
yesterday when I didn't expect it at all as I was just making a quick trip 
to the store to buy some cat food.
Not in a Corvair, my Chrysler has only 11,000 miles on it and the tires are 
Michelin Pilot 255/35ZR19's speed rated at 186 mph.  Should be pretty safe, 
right?  As I slowed down from 60 mph to exit the highway, the ride became 
very rough but I continued to get off the highway and exited slowly.  After 
driving 20 mph to a safe parking place, I found the right rear had split the

sidewall on over a third of the circumference and could be said to be 
shattered.  Glad I wasn't going 150, but then I never have.
Only 11,000 miles, but, nine years, that's the fatal flaw!  They were well 
cared for and the car had been parked under shelter at all times but 
apparently that's all they are good for.  And those Michelin tires go for 
$355 each!
Many days I feel safer in my Corvairs and yesterday was one of them and my 
wagon has new tires that only cost $60 each.
RonH - now relying on a reliable Rampside for backup while new tires are 

Your tire problem most likely was not due to age.
You could have just as easily hit a road hazard that made the tire "air
Continuing from speed to a safe place to stop could just as easily caused
the rim to cut the sidewall.

Seen many tires over the years ruined because someone continued on just
enough to get off a road or to a safe place to change a tire.

Gary Swiatowy

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