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Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Mon Feb 11 18:46:21 EST 2013

I never got a tire to last ten years nor have I ever owned a car that long  
until my present 2001 Dodge Durango which I purchased new two weeks before  
9-11.  In ten years I put 200,000 miles on it.  No tire will last that  
For a car that sits in the garage and goes only to shows (trailer queens  
would be even worse I'd imagine) I would think that the dry rot would get the 
 tires long before the ten year mark.  I don't need a tire expert to  tell 
me that.
When as and if I ever get my Corsa going it will have the best possible  
tires on it since in my view one buys and owns a car to drive it.  And  while 
I'm not going to put 100,000 miles on it every five years the mileage will  
build up.


 Must be your location  or type of tire...

In the last 5 years I've purchased two Isuzu Troopers...  '86  and a '90

'86.. no idea of previous use.. but it was obviously rough!! gg  14 year old tires..

'90.. bought from 2nd owner...  who bought in '93 with new tires......  replaced them last year....

And they were still performing well...  just the treat finally wore our..

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon



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