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Mon Feb 11 20:22:48 EST 2013

Performance Corvair Workshop - Only a month away. March 16 in  Indianapolis!

At the start of the Workshop we normally go around the room with  people 
introducing themselves. This helps to put a face to a name and begin the  
day's socializing and exchange of ideas. This what the workshop is all about.  
This year, we want to formalize it a bit more and even help those who aren't  
always too eager to speak up. What I am asking the attendees to do, in 
advance  of the workshop, is to put together a couple of photos of their Corvair 
project,  along with a paragraph or two about the project. Something like 

My name is Ralph Claybrook - My project is a 1960 Land Speed Record  car:

                 Picture  1                   Picture 2

(in this case - I didn't include actual photos, because of computer  issues)

"I started working on this car back in 1995, when my brother gave it to me. 
 I am building a new motor for the car, and I am still deciding which cam 
and  exhaust system to use. I managed to fit big disc brakes under the stock 
6.50-13  4-ply tires and I am still working on strengthening the roll cage 
to meet the  newest FIA rules. I hope I can find out some information on 
ignition systems  today and maybe a hydraulic clutch!"

                (End  of Ralph's note)

This does a couple of things. For you, the attendee, it may help you focus  
on what you really do need to find out at the workshop. For the other 
attendees,  it will show them the projects and the roadblocks that others are 
encountering  on their quests. It will also give the parts and service vendors 
present both a  global view of the kinds of issues people are having and who 
they need to talk  with THAT DAY. There may be a solution out there for the 
very problem you have  encountered. Also, as you mention the hurdles you 
have overcome, you may be  solving some other attendees problem. 
If you get me the information before the Workshop, I will try to have the  
info in an easy to present form. We can start the day off with 3-4 minutes 
per  person, with their photos and/or writings projected up in front. When we 
have  finished with the short introductions/photos we will all have a sense 
of what  Corvair guys are doing and what they are looking for. Please note 
- This is NOT  a requirement for you. You can still attend the Workshop. 
So shoot a couple of pictures, write a paragraph, and SEND ME YOUR  INFO! 
Get registered today, if you haven't already! 
Register for the Workshop at: _http://www.corvair.org/chapters/pcg/_ 

Then send me a couple of Photos of your project - electronic only, unless  
you are really desperate, and a short description of what you want to do. On 
the  Saturday morning, as we go through the projects, you will have time to 
clarify  or amplify. But get it going now. Don't be shy!

Seth Emerson
E-mail to _sethracer at aol.com_ (mailto:sethracer at aol.com) 

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