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    This response as well as the others you've gotten  are all good ideas.  
You might also want to check out my chapter (#33) on  Turbocharging in the 
CORVAIR BASICS manual available from CORSA.  This  covers  (among other 
things)  modifying the stock pressure retard  setup on the turbo distributor to 
add vacuum advance capability.  The turbo  Corvairs are the ONLY Corvairs 
that don't have ANY vacuum advance in the  ignition timing.  This failure 
causes a significant increase in  fuel consumption as well as poorer throttle 
response especially in normal  "around town" driving in mostly unboosted 
conditions.  You may want to  consider some of these suggestions in chapter 33 if 
all the previously  given good ideas don't produce improvements in your 
    Good luck and let us know what you discover.
    Frank "boost IS the substitute for cubic  inches" Burkhard
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Subject: <VV> Turbo fuel consumption problem 

I have a friend  who has asked what might be causing his turbocharged 
Corvair to be getting  
very poor fuel mileage. While the first thought might be a carburetor  
problem, it was been 
rebuilt recently and seems to work like it should -  easy start, smooth 
idle, good acceleration 
and boost and no driveability  or gas fumes (rich) issues. He says he 
usually drives it spiritedly, 
not  wanting to get things carboned up, and is getting well under 10 mpg, 
sometimes  only 4-5. Doesn't 
seem to have a leaking fuel pump either. Just checking  to see if anyone 
has experienced similar 
issues or has recommendations on  what to look for (other than Smokeys). 

What mileage did he get before  the carb rebuild? 
If good, what else was changed? 

Is the gas  tank damp underneath? 
Is the vapor return line in pace, and in use? 
If  idled for 10 minutes is a gasoline smell noticeable under or beside the 

I'd verify the TDC mark on the damper and map the centrifugal  advance 
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